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Shadow Walkers

Blood lust on the streets

Lythnygayle Clan
The Dark Alleyway
Posting Access:
All Members
Those who can trace their Ravenblack lineage to Lythnygayle
Welcome to the Live Journal page for the Lythnygayle Clan. The only rule to join is that you can trace your RavenBlack lineage to the mastervampire Lythnygayle, or for that matter, your Abyss sire, or any other site Lythnygayle makes a future appearance. :) Let me know your RB/Abyss/whatever name, so I can check. Once you've joined, be sure to post a copy of your lineage and siblings and sirelings from the 'my vampire' link on Ravenblack site. I'm still relatively new to the Abyss, so I don't know where one might get that info there; a post with that answer would be nice. ;)

For a while, genealogy is probably going to be the prime purpose for this 'clan'. Of course, helping out other members of the family in getting 'powered up' would be nice, though not at this time a requirement. Don't take this to mean casual chat isn't welcome, as it certainly is. It just means that I'd like to learn about my grand/great-grand/etc childer. I don't have any current plans to make a bunch of 'clan rules'.

As for alignment, this clan is completely neutral. That doesn't mean I will allow only neutral vampires into the clan. I don't even have the power neutrality, nor do I intend to get it. (I like my money going into my pocket, not the Peacekeepers Mission coffers. ;) If you chose to take your vamp to the dark side, that's your business. If you prefer to stay pristine white, that's also your choice. As a group, however, I'd prefer not getting into a bunch of clan wars. Unless, of course, some other clan takes it upon themselves to start attacking members of this clan based on clan affiliation -- in which case, I'll gladly reconsider. ::twisted::

Thanks, and welcome to the family!